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The Textile Studio has been a longstanding dream that started when I, as a young girl, was taught all things crafty by my mum and granny. Although the path didn’t bring me straight to opening a shop I never lost the urge to create and make. The textile gene runs deep in our family, as does the love of natural materials and all things hand-made. My granny used to grow her own flax, retting it in ditches around the fields and then spin and weave it into beautiful linen cloth used for clothes and other household needs. Her loom was handed down from her mum and stood pride of place in her large kitchen. As a constant memory of my gran, the same loom now sits in my studio.

The Textile Studio opened it’s doors in May 2013. I started in a tiny little shop unit that was soon filled to the brim with woolly goodness and all kinds of fab haberdashery. In November 2014 we doubled the shop area as we took on the retail unit beside us to make more room for workshops, our Drop in to Knit group and other ad hoc knitting and chatting sessions.

The shop closed in April 2016, making my move to the country (Co. Down) possible. As soon as we are settled I will start up day workshops, crafting weekends and holidays, so keep an eye out for more information.

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